Agile Software House

We build and ship, you enjoy!

Software development company ready to bring innovations and new solutions to your business.

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What we do

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Custom software & mobile development

Stay ahead of the competition by delivering your services and application faster and at reasonable costs. We build new applications based on modern software frameworks and languages.

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IoT software

Let IoT solutions work for you. We design and implement IoT devices’ firmware, backend systems, and end-user applications.

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Logistics software

Having broad experience in the industry, we create tailored software for logistics & transportation, enabling faster shipments, more accurate tracking & better route planning.

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Industry software

We create custom software, that enables factory automation, increase production speed, and optimizes costs.

Our technology stack

React, Node, PHP, TypeScript, Java, C, C++ & more















Mission & Vision

To unleash the potential of our clients by helping them build world-class digital products, every step of the way. We help customers reach markets they couldn't otherwise with unique competencies. We do it by building custom digital solutions, improving customer’s team expertise, or extending capacity



We work fast while efficiently responding to the unpredictable. Our teams and processes are tailored for your project’s success.

  • We create Cross-functional Teams of skilled developers which are able to deal with all technology needs of the project.
  • We implement Iterative Development to make work more effective and precise with our product’s time to market is always on our mind.
  • We focus on Flexibility and we use whichever development framework works best with each project.
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Effective Remote Cooperation

Our programmers live in different places but it does not limit us to deliver efficient and successful services.

  • We give you full Visibility into all processes of the project
  • We use industry-standard tools that support remote cooperation on every level
  • We assign a dedicated Agile Project Manager to maximize the focus on your project’s success and to connect everyone involved on your and our end
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Focus on results

We strive to reach common objectives. When we meet challenges we face them together.

  • We foster a culture of innovation. We choose the tools and technologies to build the optimal solution for your business and we keep on improving
  • We focus on Predictability as it enables us to create new projects swiftly and with great results. Recruiting talent and sharing knowledge within our core domains of expertise allow us to maintain project continuity and scalability
  • We believe that Transparent Communication is the key to success, therefore we value mutual trust that is built upon open communication.