The whole story of SolveQ began when we got in touch with Forto (at that time FreightHub)’s CTO Erik. in December 2018. We already knew that digital freight forwarders are dynamically expanding within the industry. But with such great business growth, they needed significant help in software development skills and experience.

Help needed

Forto GmbH (originally FreightHub) was founded in Berlin in 2016.

As you can see on their website, Forto develops groundbreaking digital logistics technologies and services that go beyond simple transport from A to B.

They are present in different countries
worldwide, with 10 offices and over 2,500 customers.

Forto already had a platform in place that was well developed and user friendly, but they needed help with integrating it with other services, such as weather forecasting, container pricing, ship journey mapping, etc. All in all around 70 services needed to be integrated into their existing platform.

Enter SolveQ

Once we came in, we created different integration types for Forto using API, EDI, excel and text files as well as web scraping. The project was developed mainly using node and typescript.
A managing panel was created that served as a data aggregator – collecting data from different sources; this also required the creation of front end panels (apps?) that were developed using React.
We were also in charge of setting up the original AWS infrastructure and then performing the cloud migration from AWS onto Google.
We have created 24 repositories, 9 applications and an open source library:

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Quality delivered

The project required very close cooperation with both the client and the outside services that we were integrating. Luckily, we were able to draw on a vast experience of working remotely (SolveQ is a remote-first company) and apply the right collaboration tools for the job. Through regular calls with Forto and the third-party services as well as virtual collaboration tools such as Kanban boards, we were able to ensure our cooperation went smoothly and was highly effective, regardless of the distance or time differences.