GPS Tracking Application


WTS – Positioning Solutions AB is a Swedish company founded in 2012 with the goal to develop world-leading GPS services and high precision trackers. Since its foundation, the company has developed and launched six generations of tracking devices and services on the global market.

  • Transition to 4G that required new GPS trackers hardware and firmware
  • Enhancing new business opportunities by adding new features and functionality
  • Scaling up development capabilities to meet customers expectations
  • SolveQ project team able to focus on every aspect of the development
  • Architecture design services of backend
  • React Native based mobile application development on Android and IOS
  • Infrastructure as a Code based on Google Cloud Platform enabling maintainability and serviceability
  • The basis for business growth opportunities through white labeling
  • New potential use cases like kids tracking, pets tracking
  • New mobile application enhanced functionality:
    • tighter feedback/integration loop
    • in-app and cross-channel benefits
    • ability to interact with the user even the app is in background
  • Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform
  • Terraform – infrastructure as code
Application client:
  • React Native (iOS, Android)
GPS tracking pp preview screen