After almost 20 years of serving different companies in size, location or industry. Climbing the traditional career path, starting from the software developer, through IT Manager, IT Director to the CTO. Also visiting around 50 different countries, both for business and leisure, I came up with the conclusion that this is one of the best (and possible the last) moment to start my own business.

It is alway difficult to make this decision, especially being over 40, having two small kids and several mortgages to pay:-)

But on the other side, being extremely experienced, having huge network of contacts around the World and the idea… so what else would you need?

OK, you would need business partner, the client, the team and money.

Luckily, I had all of these at the right time to have no choice, then make the next step.

  1. For last several years I had pleasure to work with Kamil, and I was sure, that offering him, to became the partner for this idea would be the best move from my side. Fortunately he has accepted the challenge.
  2. I also started looking for clients, researching weeks before even starting the company. And for some reason, some of them wanted us to help them in some projects.
  3. As we both are in the software development industry for quite a while, we had no problems with getting two more, strong senior engineers into the team.

This is how SolveQ was born!

And now the fun/challenging part starts.

What that means for founders to run technology services company? It means you are responsible for: people, budget, clients, clients retention, pipelines of projects, recruiting, administration, website, SEO, office space, invoices, contracts, etc, etc.

But the most important seems to be sustainability in terms of the projects and clients pipeline.

At the very beginning we’ve decided to use our own, built thorough years, networks to acquire clients and keep them with us. And we did it great, having three big abroad players and two Polish ones, within first three months of our journey, contracted. It gave us confidentiality that our business model and the offer with which we went to our clients is correct.

But what next. What if we will not be able to keep this source giving us meaningful number of clients?

Next natural ways are to participate in the industry events, organising self hosted events, use any type of mailing/marketing campaigns (we are currently running one. I will share some findings and thoughts after it is completed).

But yet another one is to run your own blog, where you share interesting insights of your company, share technical tricks, lessons learned, fuck ups and successes…

That is why I’m writing these word to you. This blog will be maintained by the whole SolveQ team to keep it interesting for all.

Read and enjoy… Maybe you will be your next partner in that fantastic adventure?