How we do it

Solve IT staffing challenges

Build cross-functional teams of experts fast and adapt them to changing business requirements.

  • Dedicated teams focused on developing your project
  • Full flexibility on team size, seniority and tech stack
  • Polish developers have been ranked as one of the world’s top software engineers in terms of very developed programming skills, Western work culture and great English

Build new products

Deliver innovative products and services, and stay ahead of competition.

  • Effective remote collaboration tools and Agile Project Management
  • Experts on frontend, mobile, backend, firmware, hardware, testing, etc. - all parts of your project will be tackled by one team
  • Assistance with selecting the best possible tech stack and development tools and libraries for your project and end user need.

Maximize profit by cost-effective product development

Outsource software development to specialists in getting things done.

  • Team members with experience in more than one domain while remaining experts at their own field, thus doubling the pool of talent you have available at your disposal
  • Full ownership of the product - we make it our priority to deliver the best solution possible for you
  • Proactivity at every stage of the project, driving the roadmap together with you to allow for contributions from different points of view
  • No need to outsource any part of the project to a third party, who might not share our team values or commitmentFull flexibility on team size, seniority and tech stack